Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow, snow go away!

Snow is in the forecast again… Not much has happened this week. But the weekend packs a pretty big punch… Tomorrow morning we have to go pick up the hardwood we ordered. Maybe ready tonight, I hope it is. We ordered hardwood for the living room and tile for both bathrooms. I cant wait. Then tomorrow we are going to hang out until it is time to go on our big date…. Taking Roger out for his birthday. It will so much fun… Some our friends and family are going with us. That is if we can make it, lol. With all the snow they are predicting I don’t know. They are giving southern Kentucky like 10-12 inches for this weekend. I would like to go out, but I do love staying in as well. Hopefully, we will be able to go out and then be stuck at home the rest of the weekend. Maybe take Kobe out to play in the snow. He loves it.
I absolutely can not wait to put the new floors down. I want it down before Kobe’s birthday, that is my goal… We will see.
I will have pictures of this weekend so be ready, lol.
Be safe and God bless!

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