Friday, March 18, 2011

Dance Off

I recieved an interesting article several months ago from my friend at Primrose schools. She has an awesome idea to avoid child obesity. Here is an article regarding some physical activities... Of course we live to far away from her area to sign up now, but I fould it interesting that we could coordinate something in our area!!

Primrose Child Care Family Dance-Off Event!

Dance can be a fun, easy way to introduce physical activity into your family's daily routine. As a provider of childhood education, Primrose Schools (which has child care centers nationwide) has recognized the epidemic of childhood obesity and is actively fighting against it.

The Family Dance-off supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 children's hospitals, which collectively treat 17 million children annually for every illness and injury imaginable.

Families are encouraged to record and submit a 30 second video of their dancing families to promote fitness and strengthen family ties.

Participating in the Family Dance-off is easy:
1. Record a 30-second video of your family's best dance moves. Have fun with it!

2. Visit The Family Dance-off site and upload your best take by March 19th.

3. Share your video with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. View and vote daily (you can place five votes per day) for your favorite family dance video!

What would a competition be without prizes? Primrose Schools is providing prizes that aren't only great for your family but for your whole community, with $65,000 in donations to local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals:

· Grand Prize: $5,000 and Primrose will make a $30,000 donation to a local Children's Miracle Network Hospital

· 2nd Prize: $3,000 and Primrose will make a $20,000 donation to a local Children's Miracle Network Hospital

· 3rd Prize: $1,500 and Primrose will make a $15,000 donation to a local Children's Miracle Network Hospital

· All 14 Finalists will also receive a FLIP camcorder

Visit The Family Dance-off site for details on how to take part in the fight against childhood obesity, participate in the competition, and view past competitors

So Far Behind!!!

I am so very far behind. I have had so much going on that I have not had time to do anything!! Kobe’s birthday, we bought a new truck, Kobe in baseball, and me getting signed up for nursing school. So I am so sorry that I am behind.. Here are some pictures of Kobe’s birthday. He got so many gifts and had so many people come to his party. We appreciate all the friends and family that came to help us celebrate him being 6 years old.

Pictures are very good, in quality I mean. Roger had the camera :0)

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