Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend!!!

This weekend seems to have gone by so fast, but at the time I was enjoying every moment. It was the best time I have had in a long, long time. I have the greatest family and set of friends any girl could ask for. Here’s some detail of our weekend. Try to keep up because there was so much :0)

Friday night my nephews Chris and Cody graduated high school. It was a very proud moment. They have both worked so hard. Chris’ girlfriend DeLaney also graduated (Cody’s girlfriend Steph graduates next year.) We love our girls too…

Saturday, I cleaned a lil on the house while Roger mowed the yard and cleaned up outside. Then, later that day about 1:00 we left for Louisville; to the Nickelback concert. Not only did we have front row seats, my brother also gave me a backstage pass. He had won them of the radio and couldn’t go; so I went in his stead. It was amazing!! Chad Kroeger is undoubtedly so amazingly good looking!!! There was also My Darkest Days, Seether and Bush there. And we were so super close!! I am patiently waiting for them to upload the pictures on their website so I can download it. As soon as they do I will post it. I am sure to look completely in surprise, which may not make for a great picture.

Then, Sunday we woke up early (after getting in super late) and put up Kobe’s pool. It felt so nice. It has been so hot; the kids just loved it. We swam all day. Later that evening, Chris and Marlean had a cookout for everyone. The food was so delicious! We ate, visited, and laughed. At dark we lit a fire in the fire pit out behind our house and had s’mores!

Monday, it was SWIMMING all day long!! Great weekend of remembering our soldiers that gave all so that we may live free!! So grateful!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Time!!!

This week has passed by so fast it seems. We haven’t had any ball games, which seems so weird. There have been a lot of terrible things going on in the town where I grew up and the town where I work. I just pray for their families in this time of need. No one truly knows the exact stories except for those who were there, so I just keep them in my prayers.

But us…. We have been going on walks in the country, we have been playing outside and enjoying this beautiful weather!!! It is supposed to be in the 90’s this weekend. I think it is safe to say, the pool will be up this weekend!! Here a couple pictures to recap this past week…The tooth fairy did come and brought Kobe 10.00, he was so excited. He already has another tooth loose. His last day of school was yesterday. He said the next time you drop me off at school I’ll be in the second grade!! My baby is growing up on me :0(

Not to mention my 2 nephews are graduating tonight from high school. I am so proud of both of them. Chris plans to work and go to school; while in the military. Cody, is a family man. He already has a lil baby boy, Cameron!! Which will be 1 in September!!! Love them both, so proud of you guys… This is my outfit I am wearing tonight… I thought it was cute and something light so maybe I wont get too hot!

And this is a lil flag I picked up at HalMark. I absolutely love it… It is soooo me!!

..Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and God bless!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Waiting for the Tooth Fairy!!

This past week we have been so busy that we have hardly had time to take a break!! Mam is doing so wonderful.  She came to stay with me this weekend.  We love having her over.  So much fun!!  Kobe has had 4 games a week since baseball started.  We love it but it does get tiring.  On another note Kobe lost his first tooth!!!! We are beyond excited! He is growing into such a big boy right before my eyes and I am not sure how to handle it; but I am doing my best. My oldest nephew Chris and his girlfriend DeLaney went to prom this past Saturday night; they were such dolls!  Them, Cody and Stephanie also graduate Friday night!! So proud of all of them!! Below are several pictures from this week.  Love my family so much!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Great Mother's Day!!

Over the past week my family has went through some tough times.  As you all know my Mam had a brain tumor and it had to be removed.  She did wonderful.  The pictures below look worse than they actually are.  She feels great! They were able to remove the tumor and she was home 2 days later; on Mother’s Day.  What a great blessing!!  I had the best Mother’s Day! Not only did my Mam come home healthy and happy; I was with my two boys all day!  God has blessed me so much and I could not be happier!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That

These past few weeks have flown by!! I have had school, Kobe has had baseball practice, and Roger has had work (and honey do lists ;))  But we manage to throw in a lil fun.  I have now finished school.  Awating my final grades.  Kobe had his first game last night and they won!! So we went for ice cream. Sunday, me and a friend of mine took Kobe fishing.  We had sooo much fun!! Roger got himself a new bow, which he loves!!!! Hopefully my patios will be done SOON!!
Friday is my Mam's surgery (brain surgery for a tumor). Please continue to pray... Thanks.!!

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