Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank goodness its Friday....

Last night I went to eat with my daddy. We were there for about 2 hours just talking, laughing, eating. It was just a very nice time.

On another note.... I have worked at Clark Regional Medical Center for about 10 years and I still do. However, the hospital was bought out by LifePoint. They are a very nice people, seem to be, the ones I have met. But today will be the last day we will ever be Clark Regional again. In a sense it is sad...

Tomorrow we have to help my mother again. Just a few more things we need to get and then she will be done. YAY!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts for a Thursday...

Went to get Kobe's school pictures last night and they turned out beautiful... Loved them... Went home cooked supper, did some house cleaning and watched a movie with my hubby.
Woke up this morning to Roger having strep throat.. Yuck... Me and Kobe got ready for the day. I had to nurse Roger a little before I left... Gave him some medicine. Bless his heart.
We are getting ready for our Memorial Day weekend vacation. So excited. We are going to Fort Walton beach Florida. Have to get things ready. Of course we all have to have new suites. Ours from last year are wore out. We go to the lake way to much. Here is a picture of the beach we will be going to. My mom and step-dad may be going; if she can get off work. I hope that she can. We will have so much fun. Kobe and I have never seen the ocean, so this is a first for the both of us. :0)

Tonight is dinner with my daddy... Roger isnt feeling well as I mentioned before; so he will get Kobe off the bus and I will go eat with my daddy. Have to make a stop at Wal-Mart, then off to home sweet home with my boys. I will have pictures tomorrow

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy Days....

It has been rainy non stop!! And I mean non stop. Maybe a break now and then, but not much. Kobe cant go outside and play in the rain of course, so we play in the house. Sometimes he gets a lil rough in the house at times. Last night it was so peaceful at the house. I came home got Kobe, finished the laundry and cooked supper. After that we all got a shower and sat down to watch television. Quiet nights like that just gives me a moment to really appreciate all that I have. I am so blessed.
Here are some pictures of Sunday night. When Kobe was playing ball in the house. I try to make him be easy since we are inside, but I also take pictures. I want to remember every second I possibly can of his childhood. Maybe I'll show these pictures one day to his lil girlfriend or wife.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Friday night after work, I stopped and got Mexican food, which we love.. We sat at home and cuddled on the couch. Then, Saturday morning we got up and went to my mother's. We helped her move into her new home. So happy for her. We moved litterally all day. Then, we all went out to eat at the delicious Golden Coral..haha
About sundown Roger, me and Kobe left and rode up by the lake. It was so rainy, cold and ugly, but we just love being together. And oh before we got home we were hit by an awful thunderstorm... Thankfully we made it home safe, sound, and dry.
Then, Sunday we worked in the yard all day. Except for a trip to the grocery and dinner at my sister-in-laws (delicious).
Well.... woke up this morning to frezzing weather. Well, not freezing, but chilly... Rainy, cold, and it is Monday. But I was positive it was going to be a good day anyway. So, we got up, got ready, and all went our seperate ways. Which I hate. I hate putting Kobe on the bus. I want him to be with me. It has to be done I guess. Then I get to work and called Roger on my break. He told me that next Monday he probably would be laid off. I know to most people this would be horrible news. And to me it isnt the best news, but I am not going to let it get me down. Not today! I am going to have the attitude that nothing like that is going to bring my down. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Hope everyone has a great day...

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a week...

Well Sunday it was so nice in Kentucky. So we took Kobe to feed the duckies at Natural Bridge.. Then, Monday morning the sickness hit like a bomb. I got the stomache flu. It just about got me down. So, all week I was on the couch literally. Did not move. Wednesday, I had to take Kobe to the dentist, eye doctor and the pediatrician. He had to have his Kindergarden appointments completed.
This weekend we are helping my mom move. Her and my stepdad bought them a house. It is very, very nice. So happy for them. It has been a really long week. I am just so thankful it is Friday... Just look at how blessed I am to have the family I have.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

Roger and I have been married 8 years today. I am so blessed to have this man in my life, much less my husband. He is such a wonderful amazing man and I love him so much. I am so looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Daddy...I want to be just like you

Saturday was such a lovely day here in Kentucky. We got up and had breakfast and headed outside for a lil yard work. The boys mowed while I cleaned house, then we all pitched in and cleaned the greass out of the yard... Kobe wants to be just like his daddy. Whatever daddy is doing he wants to do it no matter what. As you will see. I just love that they are this close.... It warms my heart.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Prayers Needed

Please keep mu newphew Cody in your prayers. He is 17 years old and just the sweetest boy you could ever know. I love him so much. He lost his Daddy last night due to a heart attack. I am going to get him after work. He told his mother he would rather be with me right now, :-( Makes me so sad. I know prayers and the Lord is the only thing that can comfort his heart right now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday ya

Marlean is my sister~in~law; and her birthday was yesterday. I was not able to post a picture of her then. So I waited until today. I wanted you to see for yourself; just how beautiful she truly is... Her and I are married to brothers. You would think we are sisters if you did know any better. She is so sweet, caring, loving, and is such a beautiful person. She is an amazing, sister, daughter, wife and best of all Mother. She adores being a mother more than anything. The world is a better place with her in and I know I am a better person just having her in my life.
I love you Marlean!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my motto

Life is not about having what you want, but wanting what you have.