Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No School Days

Christmas vacation has been over since January 4, 2010. However, Monday was the first and last day of school so far this week. Snow has really come in Kentucky and we love it. Traveling in the snow is not the greatest but it is beautiful. Kobe has been out of school these past two days and he loves it. These past two mornings we have gotten up and turned on the news ate breakfast while Mommy’s curling iron heats up (this is a morning routine for us). However, Montgomery County no school and Kobe was so excited!! He thinks it is so funny that he has no school, but Mommy has to go to work. The lil stinker. I love it though. His little personality is just so cute. Here is a picture of snow at our house and this would be why there is no school. It is so beautiful. Reminds me of a Christmas card.
Snow is suppose to accumulate Thursday here in Kentucky so ya’ll be careful and stay warm until next time.

God Bless

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