Monday, January 25, 2010

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was wonderful yet lazy, lol. Friday night on my way home I stopped and picked up some supper. After we are, Roger was ready to leave to his Friday night card game with the boys. He has so much fun. Kobe and I went down for a little bit. They played at our good friends’ Chad and Amy. They have a little boy, Chase. Kobe just loves Chase. My dear friend Tocha came over. She has and is just like a sister to me. She has been by my side all my life, childhood through adulthood and I just love her. Her and her children came over. Keeley Jo who is 8 years and Caiden Allen is 5 months and they are so cute. Kobe just loves having someone to play with. So they kids just played their little hearts out and the adults just watched television.
Saturday, we had a family chicken meal, which was delicious…. Gotta love the KFC.
Sunday it rained, all day. We went to my aunt’s house and had dinner. It was really nice to be with my family…
Roger, Kobe, and I came home, put on some pjs and just watched television. I love a rainy Sunday…. (My camera battery was dead so I didnt get any pictures, I am so sorry)

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