Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow, A broke furnace, and a Jolly good time.

Snow is really coming down here in Kentucky. Looks like a blizzard almost. I know that it probably is not considered an actual blizzard but it looks like one. As you already know I love snow days. I love a Saturday snow, knowing you have no where to go, get in your pajamas, bake some cookies, and throw an old movie on (Sweet Home Alabama is my favorite) and just enjoy the day. As you watch the snow fall and notice that it is starting to accumulate you run and get your warm clothes, jacket, gloves, and the throw on your snow boots and head outside for the snowball fight and build a big snowman. So, yea I love the snow.
However, I did have some upsetting news this afternoon. Kobe had NO SCHOOL again today, (which I am glad, with the snow coming and the roads being bad, rather him be at home). Roger wasn’t feeling well (like he has the FLU again), so they stayed home together. They enjoy those days. Roger called me this afternoon stating that our furnace has broken. Yes, our furnace is BROKEN. With the snowing pouring down a blizzard the furnace is broken. Roger drug out the old propane heater and we will be camped out in the living room on the air mattress. There is calm in this entire midst; Kobe thinks that we are truly camping. So, it is actually kind of cute. As long as we all snuggle and stay warm, that is all that matters to me. So say a little prayer that we get our furnace fixed and life continues as normal.
On another note, be safe, stay warm and God bless.

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