Friday, October 8, 2010

This weekend!!

Ok, it is the weekend again and I am more than ready. We have all had this head cold going around and we feel so rough. I am so proud of Kobe and I can not express how much!! I recieved a letter yesterday from Montgomery County Board of Education~Excepetional Children. This was an appointment for his review. I am so thankful that God has blessed Roger and I with an awesome, beautiful, smart baby boy!! He is so smart!!! So very smart. Last night Tanner came over to visit and join us for supper. He went home and came right straight back in just a few minutes. He had an envelope in his hand addressed to Kobe. We took the note out and this is what it said, " Kobe I can not believe how smart you are. I hope you have fun in Kindergarten." He is such a sweet boy. We love him so much. He just has no idea.
Tomorrow I am getting my hair slightly done, lol. Just getting a little highlights, nothing major. But what I am really excited about is Chris and Marlean have found this lil hangout. A place that has a live band of classic country music and dancing. The best part is that it is a family place. We can take Kobe and he can enjoy ourselves. I dont like going places without Kobe. Everyone says, you should take a break and leave Kobe and enjoy yourself. But the thing is that I dont enjoy myself unless he is there with me. I always think about what he is doing and if he is ok. Never a moments peace, so I just like taking him with me so I know he is fine and having fun.
Sunday is just going to be a lazy day. Church in the morning then, just relax. Maybe house work if it is needed.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. God bless!

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