Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday and Court Day!!!

This weekend was so busy and yet so great!! It was Court Day, so of course it was wonderful. Friday night Mom, Roger, and I went out to supper. Kobe wanted to stay with Marlean and Tanner. It was a nice evening. Mom went to stay all night with my sister. At about 12:00 am I received a call that my mom went to get her truck. After the police were called and Roger’s knowledge, she finally got her truck. She was an eventful but victorious evening.
Saturday morning bright and early Marlean and I met up, well she came and got me, and we headed to Court Day. I found a lot of cute, cute things for my house. We spent the day together just shopping, eating, and more shopping. It was great! Saturday evening we came home and headed over to my aunts house. We wanted to visit and she fixed a great supper so why not? Right… We all played outside and visited, it was a wonderful time.
Sunday morning, Mom, Roger, Me, Kobe, and Amber all loaded up and went to Court Day. We were just going to let Roger and Kobe do their shopping. We found some more really cute things for the house and I bought my momma a purse for her birthday. Kobe found some really cool toys. Roger got himself some things for work. We left there and headed to Preston. We had a really great day. I love, love spending time with my family. Sunday night on the other hand was not so great. For Roger anyway. He woke up from a sound sleep with pain in his side and back. We rushed to the Emergency Room and it was kidney stones. Poor thing. He felt awful. I felt so bad because I couldn’t do anything for him. He started feeling better as the night went on. I just hope everything turns out ok with him. Love him so much.
Monday, was great too. We slept in a lil because of the eventful evening. That was nice, sleeping in. We got up and had breakfast then Roger surprised me. He had went and got me a gift card to have my nails done. So Kobe, mom and I went to town and had my nails done and went to the grocery. I have such a sweet and wonderful husband. Here are some pictures, just a few of our eventful and wonderful weekend.
Also today is my Mammaw’s birthday. I love her so much, she has been a rock in my life so many times. I love you Mammaw so much!

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