Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Strep Again!!

Last week on Tuesday, I woke up feeling so bad. I came to work anyway only to be sent to the doctor and home for a couple of days by my boss. I had STREP! It is awful, if you’ve never had it. So anyway, I took the antibiotics and was feeling much better. As you will remember Roger was in the ED for kidney stones, it was then that we discovered he had Strep at that time. So he got some antibiotics for himself. And we were on the uphill climb I thought. Last night we went to take my Mams her birthday present and on the way there my throat started aching. And by the time I got home it was killing me. This morning I woke up in awful pain. But I came to work anyway, like I do, because I am very responsible (hehehe). I was feeling so bad that my boss was like you need to get some medicine. So I made awkward trip to the ED and got another prescription. Hopefully this time will be it. I told Roger he will be sleeping on the couch or I would one because as much as I love him this little gift is not the most flattering. So just pray that we beat this and start feeling better before the weekend because we have several things to do Saturday.
Tomorrow Kobe is going to the Pumpkin Patch with daycare, Friday with his class, and we are taking him Saturday. Saturday night we have a Halloween party, well Kobe does. And we must go, we go every year. Sunday evening we are going to visit my good friend Jaime and her family at Boonesboro Park. They always have a Halloween todo all week long. So we have a pretty exciting weekend. We CAN NOT be sick :)

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