Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursdays Thoughts

Selfishness to Gratefulness

You know at times we can be so careless and so selfish; without even realizing that you are behaving that way. I am blessed so abundantly, words can not even describe. Every morning I wake up thanking God for the joys I have in my life. I have the most amazing family, (wonderful husband and a beautiful healthy, adorable son) and everyone else in my family is so great!! We live in this beautiful, gorgeous house that sets on 2 acres. I and my husband both have a descent car and job. And a little money put back for a rainy day. I know these things aren’t the most important but nevertheless they are blessings that we don’t deserve.

Here is the reason I had this wonderful revelation today: Earlier this month someone that works at the hospital with me (not in my department) but at Clark Regional Medical Center we are all family, regardless of departments. She is a kind, caring, loving person that was surprisingly struck with the awful disease of Cancer; lung cancer. So we have all rallied to help. We have donated vacation time, prayed, visited, and just plain cried at this discovery. That a month or so ago she was fine (or so we thought) and she can come back to work from a check-up with that kind of news. Anyway, back to my story. ~
My family always gathers around for birthdays. We always go out to eat and spend time together; some cant make it, but we all try. My cousin Renee will be having a birthday within the next few days and they are having a dinner for her tonight. I received a call with Becky (her sister) telling me it was tonight. I don’t think we are going to be able to make it because it starts when I get off work, but that’s ok. Renee was just at my house night before last so we shared a little time together then. But anyway, I got off the phone and began walking down the hall thinking in my mind, “What will I wear if we can make it?” (jeans or a little more dressy). As I turned the corner I saw the lovely lady that was struck so badly with Cancer. There she sat waiting to have some lab work done. Then, I had to mentally scold myself for being so selfish. All I was worried about was what I was going to wear and she has a lot more to worry about. So it was then that I realized just how blessed I have it. I just wanted everyone to know that I don’t take life nor any blessings for that matter for granted.
God Bless.

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