Monday, September 13, 2010

Great Weekend and Happy Birthday to Maggs!!!

This weekend was great as usual. Anytime spent with family and friends is awesome. Me feeling awesome, not so much!! Friday, at work I begin more and more dizzy and weak. I was going to try to make it till my doctor’s appointment. But when I got home, I knew that would not be the case. I went directly home after picking Kobe up and took a hot bath and lay on the bed. As I lay there the room just begins to spin out of control. Kobe was so helpful. He lay right beside of me until Roger came home. Finally, Roger got home and he took me to the Emergency Room. There, they told me that I have a acute sinus infection. While I was there they gave me a shot of antibiotics and some nausea medication. I began to feel better soon thereafter.
So, Saturday morning at 6:00 got up and left for the race. I felt so sluggish. I felt just awful. But I just got up and straightened up on the house. (If you don’t keep right behind Kobe, in 5 mins the house is destroyed). We got ready and went to see my Momma. She was doing wonderful as always. Kobe and I stopped by Hamburg and did a lil fall shopping. Gap and Children’s Place is where I found the best deals. We stopped by Wal-Mart and I got me a few things. Then, we came home. By the time we got home I felt awful again. So, I took another hot bath and relaxed. I have this fullness feeling in the right side of my head, right above my ear. I guess it will take a while to rid my body of the infection? About 8:00 that night my great friend and sister (from another mother) called and said that they (her and her children) wanted me and Kobe to meet them at Dairy Queen for an ice cream. It was so nice outside. We had so much fun..
Sunday, Roger got home bout 6:00 in the morning. I got on up and relaxed for a while before getting ready for church. Roger said he was too tired to go, so he and Kobe stayed home. I went to church and it was a great service. Plus, it was Homecoming and they had delicious food. I went home and got Kobe and we went to the grocery. After that, I just rested.
I thought my appointment was this morning to the ENT, but it is next Monday. I hope this fullness and pressure is normal with a sinus infection. It really worries me… I just leave it to God…
Today is my step-mother, Maggs’ birthday. She is a special woman. She is very good to me and I love her. We are going to eat tonight to celebrate. I just love being surrounded by loved ones.
God Bless

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