Friday, September 3, 2010

Wonderful Weekend Plans

This week has been so hectic at work. As I am sure for anyone who works, all weeks are like that. This weekend is going to be so busy. My boys and I have so many things to get done or places to go and people to see. Tonight, Tanner may be staying the night. His Mommy and Daddy may both have to work tomorrow, so he may just come stay with us. Which we LOVE!! We love him so much. He and Kobe have so much fun. Then up early in the morning for breakfast and the Pioneer Festival. I have always loved the Pioneer Festival. It is so fun to see the decorations that people have made, such as candles. I love the candles. My decor is primitive so anything old fashioned I love.
Sunday, is the family reunion of the year. It is my family reunion. It is in Stanton where I was raised and where I have such fond memories of my child hood. Kobe always loves going there. We go there for the 4th also for fireworks. So we always have a grand time.
Monday, is a lazy day. Thank goodness for holidays. 3 day weekend. YAY!! I plan to get Kobe's hair cut and go back home for a play date with Blake and Bryan. We get to spend time with them about once or twice a week and we LOVE them. I thought yesterday about them coming over Monday and spending the day. Because they are so much fun. I called their Mommy and she said that would be fine. Give her a lil break. (Mommy time).
So that is pretty much our weekend. I am going to sneak a visit or two in for my Momma. Have to see my Momma :)
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day... God Bless.

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