Friday, September 10, 2010


I am so glad that it is Friday. Gosh am I!! We have had a rough week. Kobe has had strep, I have had a sinus infection, and that in itself just wears you out... But hopefully we all will be back on track soon. Tonight, I plan on RESTING :) Tomorrow morning, I have plans to go see my Momma of course. Roger is going on a trip this weekend. Just so happens there is another race... Eldoria (spelling?) Raceway in Ohio (Tony Stewart's) track, World 100 and he and his brothers are going. Which is great!! His dad has been going with them to the races. And I am so glad. I want them to spend time together. While they go there, Kobe, Tanner, Marlean, and I are going to Lexington to Monkey Joes and do a lil shopping.... Cant go to Hamburg without a lil shopping. Anyway, starting to get cooler and I need to find some fall clothes for Kobe. Literally, he has grown out of all of his jeans. So, I am going to hit up Old Navy, Gap, and Children's Place, see what kind of deals I can brag about :) Later, that evening my good friend (best friend of mine) is going to come stay the night with me. I dont like staying alone and with Roger being out of town, she offered to stay... How sweet of her....Actually, she wanted to go cosmic bowling, but I told her I honestly did not think Kobe would stay the night away from me. He has only stayed away 3 nights in his whole life, so that probably wouldnt work...
Then, Sunday, just a lazy day, waiting for Daddy to come home. We love it when he is gone and comes home. Like Christmas morning....
God Bless and Have a Great Weekend!!

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