Monday, September 27, 2010

Some good~Some bad

This weekend was great. There were some episodes that weren’t so great, but for the most part it was wonderful. Friday morning about 3:00 I was struck with the stomach flu. Awful, both Kobe and I had it. So, we stayed home; trying not to spread the sickness. We just took medicine to help with the symptoms and just rested. Finally, we started feeling better. Later on that evening I went to the Chinese restaurant and picked us all up a bite to eat. After eating we just rested a while. Tanner came down because his mommy and daddy had to work Saturday and wanted to stay all night. Which was fine with us. We had the best time.
Saturday morning I got up, went to get breakfast, came back home and cleaned house. All day I had been trying to get over to get my momma and bring her home with me J Finally about 2:00 I went to go pick her up. YES, my momma is with me now!!! Me and my sister went to pick her up. Then, we drove around so she could see everyone. We all were so excited!! So glad to have her home and safe. Saturday she stayed with me, we talked, made coffee, watched a movie, and just caught up on all we missed. Her and I got up about 5:30 Sunday morning and just sat on the couch and watched television and had a cup of coffee. It was so nice. Then, later we went to my brother’s for my nieces birthday party. Everyone was there. My brother’s family and my sister’s family!! Yes, everyone, all except my hubby. He stayed at his brothers. Slowly but surely we will all be together again.
My family puts the “dis” in dysfunctional….. Believe me!! Yesterday we went to get my momma stuff from her house and my mother’s husband’s ex-wife was there, on the couch!! So we called the police and had them to let us in, so she could get her things. I suppose they will be getting a divorce soon, which is great! She doesn’t need to be with someone who treats her so badly. So, for now she is staying with me and I am loving every minute of it.
I will upload pictures tomorrow. My camera died last night L
God Bless

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