Monday, September 20, 2010

Great Weekend!!!!

Ok... sorry so many pictures. Kobe had so much fun at the TBall tournament. Well, actually all of the kids had a large time. I asked Tanner to go with us because Kobe loves him so much and they have so much fun together. My good friend Nikki came and her lil girl Livie. She is such a doll. Kobe played so well. Until he got hit with the ball; after that he was done with it. He got a trophy which he was excited about.... After all was done, Tanner came up to me and said, do you think I can play. I said sure Bub. I went and signed his name so that he could play too...After the tournament we went home and sat for a while waiting for Chris to get his derby car "Wild Thang" ready... So sad, but he couldnt get it running right :( So he said they werent going to the derby. Oh no, what was I going to do without Marlean at the derby with me... She is my right hand woman at the derbies. But we had already told the kids we were going so Roger, Kobe, Tanner and I loaded up and went. We were they about 20 minutes and Chris called and said he found a car to run.. So they were on their way :) He drove someone else's car and won the derby anyway.... We were all excited!!!
Sunday, we woke up and Kobe had the worst belly ache.. So I ran to Wal-Mart and got him some Immodium AD, it seemed to help. I went to see Momma around lunchtime. Then I came back home and we went to Chris and Marlean's. Marlean and I washed our cars and had a cookout. Everyone came.. It was so nice spending time with family. I am so glad that we have family that close that we love so dear.
Have a great day and God bless!!

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