Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthdays Birthdays!!!!

Roger had the best birthday I do believe.. We celebrated birthdays literally all weekend. Friday night when I got to daycare Kobe wasnt feeling the best. Even had a small fever :( We were suppose to go out to eat with Marlean, Tanner, Lea and Brody; but we just stayed home.. With him not feeling well and having a fever I just thought it would be better not bring Kobe in contact with anyone (if it was a virus)... But it was the greatest... just snuggling with my baby..
Saturday I got up and went to get breakfast. I cleaned from top to bottom... needed it :) Then I went to Wal-Mart for the necessary items... Kobe stayed with his Daddy, since he wasnt up to par. Normally we go together and he helps me shop :) Saturday afternoon my wonderful mother came over and stayed the night so that she could keep Kobe while we went out to dinner for Roger's birthday... Me and Roger, Chris and Marlean and Chad and Amy went to Ryan's.. Red Lobster was the intial plan, but they were backed up so we just went to Ryan's.. Then we got wild and went to Wal-Mart!! Yes I know we are some wild ones, lol...
Sunday, we decided to stay home from church... this is a rare occasion, but we were tired and Kobe wanted to stay home so I thought I would give him a day off since he was not feeling well.
But about 3:00 we left out and went to Chase's birthday party. And we had the best time!! Kobe had the time of his life... so guess what??? This is where his party is going to be.... he loved it so much and begged for us to have it there... he wants he gets... words from his father, and that is frequently the case...
Today is Roger's actual birthday... I love him so much!! God truly blesses me everyday with the most wonderful husband and father... He is awesome!!

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