Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last night I went home and fixed Roger a wonderful birthday dinner and his favorite cake... yellow cake with chocolate icing... It was great!! He, Kobe and I had the best time. We ate dinner and listened to music while we ate cake. I think Kobe was more excited than Roger about the cake... He loves birthdays, no matter who's it is..
At the end of the evening we sat down to catch a lil of tv before hitting the bed. We were talking and I looked over to see why he wasnt answering me... He was asleep... I just thought this was the cutest ever!!! So sweet.
I have started planning Kobe's 6th birthday!! I think we are having it at Kids Place. He had such a great time at Chase's party... And it is HIS birthday so I guess we grant his wishes for that day :-) (everyday actually) but thats ok..
I am in the process of redoing my blog page, so please be patient. It will look amazing!!!

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