Monday, January 24, 2011

My Simple Life...

This weekend was great as usual….Friday night started things off with a bang.. Just kidding.. The boys played their usual cards of Friday night so Marlean, Christi, and I went to see a movie and dinner. We saw, No Strings Attached.. very cute movie. Loved it!! Then we had dinner at El Camino Real.
Saturday morning I got up and cleaned the house the a bit; while my boys slept… I love getting up early and cleaning and cooking, so when they get up everything is already ready…. I love it when the house smells so clean… Like summer… Then I look out my kitchen windows and there is 3 inches of snow… UGH!!
Later that day we went to Dairy Queen for lunch… Kobe got his first foot lunch chili dog, thing is as big as he is… So sweet.
Sunday, got up and went to church and to Olivia’s birthday… We had such an awesome time. Livie sure knows how to throw a party.. After the party we went to the grocery and to Applebess….
So all in all, another great weekend…
Have a great week and God Bless!!

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