Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!!

This weekend was way to short!! They always are. The week passes so slow then the weekend is so fast. I hate that part. But we made the best of it anyway....
Friday night Kobe and I sat at home while Roger went to play cards with his brothers and dad. We played all night. We laughed, played wrestlers, cars, and finally rested to watch The Three Stooges... We love that show. Roger came home about 10 and we were still playing. So Daddy joined in :0)
Saturday, Roger and Kobe stayed home while me and Mammaw went shopping. We had so much fun. We usually do this at lease one Saturday a month when its pretty out. I talked her into it Saturday and we had a blast!!
Then, Saturday night went to play cards again. Me and Kobe went to town and got something to eat. His favorite place is Wendy's... So Wendy's it was....
Sunday, Kobe and I went to church. After church we went to get Daddy, (He played cards with the boys until 4:00 am!!) and went to Burea to visit baby Trey. He is doing so much better. He is so cute. We didnt get home until 6:30 last night, so we just rested....
God Bless!!! Have a great week :0)

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