Monday, August 16, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!!!

This was an awesome weekend. They always are!! Friday night I got off work and stopped at daycare to get Kobe and we went home. Roger and Kobe played baseball (he loves it) while I went to the grocery… Then we just hung out and watched tv all night. Saturday, I got up early to go see my mom. She is actually doing very good. So proud of her. Love her so much…. Then, after visiting with her I did a lil shopping. I went to Hamburg and went to a few stores. Found some really good deals on what I got… which is always a good thing. When I got home Saturday, Roger, Kobe, and I went to the lil Country store down the road and ate lunch. They have the best cheeseburgers…. After lunch we decided we would go to Hoedown Island at Natural Bridge. I always went as a child, but I hadn’t been in years. For the last month or so I have wanting to go. I finally talked Roger and Kobe into taking me.. Well we were there about 30 minutes and it began pouring the rain. So we had to cut our time short, but we did have fun while we were there….
Sunday was a great day… Early Sunday morning Chris called to ask if Kobe wanted Tanner’s bedroom stuff. I was thinking just the decorations. It is WWE and Tanner is going with UK. So I said, “Yea”. Chris said, “Bring the truck and come on.” I said, “Truck?” It was the whole bedroom suite!!! Marlean, Tanner, and Chris are so wonderful to us… We are so close to them it is unbelievable. We love them so much. Kobe was so excited once we got everything set up. I switched his John Deere stuff in the playroom. He even slept in his bedroom last night. He never sleeps in his room but last night he went in to his room turned off the light, pulled the door to, and went to sleep!! Of course in the middle of the night he came to lay with Mommy, and that is just fine. But he is getting to be such a big boy and so independent. I am just hoping that he and I will always be close. I am sure we will.
Hope everyone has a great day!! God Bless!

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