Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy, busy week!!

I am so sorry. This week, well this month I should say has been so busy. Kobe started school this week, my mom, and work, there is just not enough time. Today was the 4th day of school for Kobe and I have cried everyday.... as soon as I let him out of the truck and go around the school the waterworks start. I cant help it. My lil baby is a lil man now... I dont cry in front of him because he LOVES school and I dont want to discourage that at all. I want him to do well. But beings today is Friday I dont think I have any major plans for this weekend. We will get up in the morning and go see my momma. Roger and I may do a lil shopping for few things.. Maybe if Kobe needs a few more things for school; just things like that. Then, we will do a lil yard work later in the day. Sunday, I am hoping just to go to church and be lazy. I love a lazy Sunday. Actually I love a rainy Sunday, that is when you just hang out in your pjs and watch movies all day. I love it.
I sure hope everyone has a great weekend. Love and God Bless!!

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