Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a lil family fun!!!

This weekend was so busy, but so fun!! We had visitors left and right and loved it! Friday night after we got home, Tanner and Colby Lee, and my good friend Jaime and her boys Weston and Wayland came over to visit. We had pizza, the boys played, it was a large time. They left about bed time, so we just relaxed on the couch the rest of the evening. We were tired, well Kobe was. He played his lil heart out. Loves playing (since he doesnt have any brothers or sisters).
Saturday we got up, went and got breakfast and headed to my company picnic. It was hot and humid but fun. Roger and I played cornhole (and won!!) and Kobe played on the inflatables. We ate, visited, and played. It was a great time. We left there and went to visit my momma. Which Saturday was a bad day for her. But felt better as we were leaving.
Sunday, we got up and Roger went to town to get some tools from Lowes and he brought back breakfast for us :) So sweet. A while back we bought a car vac, but it needed a bucket for it. So while he was at Lowes, Roger brought me a bucket and armor all. So, after breakfast we cleaned our cars. Well, I cleaned both of them, but he and Kobe kept me company. Which I loved. Later that afternoon my good friend Nikki and her lil girl Olivia came over to visit. They were there about 30 minutes and I looked up and there was Becky, Haleigh, and Jarrod!! So we all just had a great time!! I just love it when family and friends come to visit. We live so far out that we dont get many visitors :) So we just love it when we do.
Hope everyone has a great day... God Bless!!

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