Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Weekend!!

We had such a wonderful weekend. Friday evening we just sat at home and relaxed... Early Saturday morning I awoke from a sound sleep and could not go back to sleep. This was at 5:45, dont ask me why, I have no idea? Oh well, I got the house cleaned and the all the laundry done while I was waiting for the boys to get up... When they got up Kobe and I got ready and took the long drive to Lexington to see my Momma. She was in very good spirits. Love and miss her so much. When we left there, we went to Wal-Mart, to get a few things. And back home we went. We werent home long until Kobe and Roger left for the round track. They love it!! The boys had their night out and so did Marlean and I :) We went to eat Chinese and watch, Eat Love Pray. Very good movie. We always have so much fun. After the movie I went down to her house to watch another movie until the boys came home. I wasnt there about 30 minutes and Roger called and said we are on our way home. I said oh ok. Kobe said when they got there that he was just wanting his Mommy!! How sweet was that. Still needs his Momma :) Roger said while they were there the owner of the track was directing traffic and was hit by a woman. This morning, I found out that poor man did not make it. Please pray for his family.
Yesterday, we got up and I cooked breakfast at the break of day. Boys got up and went outside so I had the television to myself, always a good thing. About 1:30 I got ready and went to my cousins wedding shower. We had a great time. Below are some pictures of my sweet family. Love them so much. Dont get to see them as much because they live a while away, but I still love them. Then, I came home and went down to Chris and Marlean's for our weekend cookout. It is so nice spending time with family...
Kobe had his first lil sheet of homework :)

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