Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!!

The Good Ol' Boys!!!

This weekend was just like any other, busy but alot of fun :) Friday night I took Shae home :( We miss her when she is gone. Love her so much. But she wanted to go home... Roger, Kobe, and I just hung around the house. Didnt do much. Saturday, Kobe and I got up early and went to see my momma. She looks so good. So proud of her for toughing it out. I know it has been rough. Then, we headed to Houston's 8th birthday party. All the kids had so much fun. It was a great party. We came home to no electric. I guess someone had hit a pole. It wasnt that bad with no lights, but the air was what was bad! We get spoiled I think, even with that being said I wanted my air. It came on after about 4-5 hours. (just in time to go to bed)

Sunday, Roger had a lil side job, so Kobe and I stayed around the house. I cleaned, did laundry, mowed, while he played :)

Have a great day everyone.

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