Monday, December 14, 2009

Wonderful weekend

We did have our lil Christmas party at work and it turned out very lovely. Everyone ate, (the food was delicious) and everyone had such a great time exchanging gifts.
I did have a wonderful weekend and perhaps if I hadn’t forgotten my camera at work I would have been able to show you just how lovely it was.
Friday night we just got some take out and rented some movies. It was cold wet and rainy, so we decided to stay in. However, some one I am very close to having a rough evening so I tried to make them feel better. Hope I had some affect.
Saturday we awoke early went to breakfast and went to Tanner’s wrestling match. He is so cute. Afterwards, we went to Haleigh’s birthday party. She is two, just cant believe she is already that old.
Yesterday we went Christmas shopping for Kobe’s stocking. I can not wait for him and Roger to wake up Christmas morning to find what Santa has left them. I love giving the gift of love… Love, love, love it.

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