Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Such a wonderful Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas. Spending time with my wonderful family is the most important thing in the world to me. My Christmas holiday was so much fun and it was much worth the wait. Please enjoy the pictures I promised.

Kobe, the Christmas vacation just wore him out.

Helping Mommy bake and cook our Christmas dinner, loves helping me.
How could you deny this face of anything?
My Mammaw got Kobe wooden model car, he just had to paint it that very minute. Opening his presents.
Loved it!!
Just had to sneak a bite of cake. What was so funny about this is he was getting his icing fix while everyone else was opening presents. He's such a little stinker. Just love him so much!
There's Shae Shae
Lil Haleigh Grace
Me and Lil Will Me and Roger Kobe opening his Santa gifts at 4 in the morning!! He just couldnt wait.
Look how excited
Look at this, this is 4 in the morning when he first jumped out of bed. That face is worth millions to me.
My poor little tree. This was his Santa gifts. Kobe's Santa letter, just had to share this. He even signed his own name. How sweet. Opening presents from Papaw Lynn and Nanny Maggie.
There's Kobe and Nanny with his tractor from them. He just loves spending time with his family. My Daddy opening his presents from me.
My Christmas was much appreciated. Roger did well, great job. He got me all kinds of clothes from Aeropostale, boots, new curling iron. Roger got new boots, basketball goal, and clothes. Kobe just got way too many things to mention, but some things were, round track, new digital camera, clothes, many board games. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas as I did. Dont knwo what we will be doing for New Year's but I am sure it will include us three with pictures somewhere and of course I will share.
Have a great day!

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  1. aww love the pictures! I love his santa letter so cute and he wrote his own name, precious!! when did you get the white tree? I love it!


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