Friday, July 9, 2010


This week has been so busy. Monday, Roger and I both were off for the 4th. We actually did nothing that day. Rested up from the weekend. Although, this week we have had fun just about every evening. We have rode dune buggys, played outside with Kobe and last night I started my babysitting job. Every Tuesday and Thursday evenings I am watching my brother's children. They were alot of fun and alot of attention. LOL... Kobe loves having someone to play with. Tomorrow, I am having a day out with the girls. Some friends of mine generally do this about once every two or three months. We are going to Cave Run Lake. One of my friends owns a boat, so just us girls are going out. Its going to be so fun. Cant wait. They are the best group of friends anyone could ask for. We always have so much fun...Then, Sunday, not any plans as of right now. Church, lunch, and relaxation.
Monday night Marlean and I are taking Kobe and Tanner to wrestling at Rupp Arena. They have no idea but they will be so excited. I cant wait to see their faces. Love surprising people with things. Ecspecially, my baby boys. :)

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