Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Thursdays are always show and tell for Kobe at school. Whatever it may be that they are studying that week, is what the title is for that week. This week the item was "BUGS". So he had to take a bug, dead or alive. So last night we were searching for bugs. I went the store and got him a lil bug catching kit. He just loved it. We were out until 9:30 last night catching bugs. We found our bugs, filled out his lil paper, and thought we had it all taken care of. Then, just a lil after dark Tanner ran down to the house and shouted I found Kobe something for his bug box. He handed Kobe a lighten bug. They are so sweet together. Cousins closer than brothers. I am so glad that he has a "brother" which is what he calls Tanner. We just love Tanner so much. So thank you Tanner for the new addition...

Other good news...
Last night, Roger brought home this gift jewelry box. All wrapped up, so pretty. I knew what it was for, Mother's Day, of course. I knew he was giving it to me early or he wouldnt have brought it in (or at least that is what I said ).. So he did (give it to me early that is) It was a beautiful MOM ring. I told him he has my left hand and now Bubby has my right. My two boys... Love them so much...

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