Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Weekend!!!

Sorry for the picture overload :0) We had such a busy but wonderful weekend. Friday night when I got home from work (Roger kept Kobe all was a mess) so we straightened up the house of course. We went to eat at our favorite resturant Bruens, stopped by my aunts for a lil cornhole and took Kobe to watch Shrek... it was very cute.
Saturday, Roger, Kobe and I went shopping to get any last minute items for our trip. We came home and I single handedly cleaned at the spare bedroom. It was awful. Just everything we didnt use was in there. So I told Roger there is no reason we cant use this room for something. I cleaned all day.. at the end of it all I made Kobe play room. Nothing but his toys, tv, playstation, and just a room for him. Keep in mind he still has his bedroom with some of his toys, but it was so cluttered with toys you couldnt get around. So this was much better. After, the hard work, we all went to the drive in again to watch Robin Hood and Bounty Hunter. They were good as well.
Yesterday, we got up early and went to the farm.. which is my brother in laws across the street. Did some feeding, ate good food and washed my car. So all in all a productive weekend. Kobe started off the day in a good mood; hope we all have a good mood and good day... may God bless!

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