Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good News... Bad News...

Good News....
Yesterday when I got off work my mother was waiting for me in the parking lot. My niece Amber got out of the vechile. (havent seen her in about 1 1/2 years; her mother is my sister and we dont communicate at all!) She went home with me and spent the afternoon. I took her back to my mothers last night. It was so awesome having her with me.. I love my nieces and nephews so much. We got to my house and Chris and Kobe were waiting on us outside. (Chris kept Kobe yesterday because there was no school on the count of rising water). We all played kick~ball, just had a great time. I took so many pictures that my camera died... Didnt know it until this morning when I went to download. Will download them tomorrow.
Bad News....
My mother was married to Justin Ryan for many years... They got married when I was 7 and divorced when I was 21, so he was the stepfather, I had known for many years. When they became divorced I lost touch with his family. Which is bad because they were great people. So anyway, I was searching on Facebook for them. Especially Katie. She was so sweet, beautiful, wonderful person. I did find her sister. So I messaged her and asked about Katie, because I couldnt find her. Ruth proceeded to tell me that Katie committed suicide in 2007, Aug 23rd. I was so taken back by this news. My heart aches knowing that I will never speak to her again. She left behind two children. Lexey 9 and Louis 7 years. Please continue to keep these children in your prayers. I would like for you to pray for her soul. My belief that committing suicide is complete damination. But I have to have faith that maybe I will see her again someday. I hope I do.
Have a great day!!!

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