Monday, May 17, 2010

Another wondeful weekend in the books...

Well, this weekend was a funfilled just like any other... Friday night I got home and Roger had supper cooked. Roast potatoes, carrots, mac n cheese. He even had the table set. It was so nice and sweet. Then after supper we rode over to my aunts. We stayed late, just talking, laughing, have a good time. Saturday, we got up and Roger went to get breakfast in town. I knew something was up.. he always is a sweetheart, but this was going overboard a tad. He and his brother have conspired to get a Harley. So, we'll see what comes of it. I went to a Pampered Chef party at Marlean's. Had such a nice time. After the party Roger, Kobe, and I rode up to Boonesboro Park to visit some friends of ours that were camping out. We had such a large time. Kobe found some new friends. Then, Sunday it rained all day. So me and my boys laid on the couch and watched television all day. Minus a lil house work :0)... Another wonderful weekend in the books. Two week full weeks until we sat out on the road for vacation in Florida. Oh, I cant wait...
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!

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