Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally Friday!!!

Today is Friday and I am so glad. This week has just about got me down... Tonight, Shrek is on at the drive~in and of course Kobe wants to see it. Its also on at the theater, but I love the drive~in. We go there about once a month. This is the very same drive~in I went to when I was young and even into my adult years. It hasnt changed a bit.
Tomorrow is the day of shopping. We are going shopping to get things for our trip. New bathing suites, snacks, things to keep Kobe busy on the road, just anything we need. We have to go this weekend because next week is extremely busy. Tuesday I have a hair appointment. Wednesday is Kobe's graduation from preschool. (Getting so BIG) Then, Thursday is Field Day and Friday is THE DAY!! 7 days away.... YAY!! So just pray that I get everthing done and I dont forget anything and that we have a safe trip. And may we remember to thank God for everything.
Have a nice weekend.

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