Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thoughts for a Tuesday

I honestly feel that spring is near; or is it wishful thinking I hope not… The radio yesterday on the way home said possible storm this week. So, that means spring!! I am so excited. This weekend was sssoooo beautiful, warm, shiny, perfect weather! We cooked out, the boys played outside, and Roger and I washed our vehicles. Love it! Cant wait for this to be the norm.

I did receive some disturbing news yesterday. My sis~in~law, (always has been my sister) suffered a loss. Her grandmother had been sick for a while and yesterday morning about 8 am she gave up her fight. I am so sad for them. I just love her so much. I wanted to do something nice for her a few days before. Marlean had been staying with her grandmother; leaving work early. My idea was to send her flowers to work. Well, I had to catch her before she left. So, I called my loving, wonderful husband (and if you know him; you know he is) and told him to take her an arrangement of flowers. That he would have to go the florist and buy them and deliver them himself because she would be leaving work soon. Of course, he did it. Anything for someone he loves. It just made her day and I am so glad. Just keep her and her family in your prayers. God is the only refuge.

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