Friday, March 26, 2010

T.G.I.F. (Thank goodness its Friday)

I can not believe this. I woke up this morning to get ready for work. I go look outside to let my cat out and it is SNOWING!! Yes, snowing. It is spring and snowing in Eastern Kentucky. I am so sick of the snow and ready for tank tops and flip flops...
But as I was getting ready my sweet baby boy got up and asked, "What are you doing Mommy." I said, "Mommy has to go to work." He said, "Oh Mommy I'm going to miss you so bad." That just pulls on my heart strings... But I do love it.
So, tomorrow I am heading to Lexington to do a lil shoppin. I need to get Kobe's Easter basket and outfit. Also, I need to find something for Roger. Our anniversary is April 15th. It will be 8 years together and my love grows more and more everyday. I am the most luckiest woman in the world; to have the husband I have and the precious angel for a son. I could not be more blessed.
On another note, our boys won last night. I am a UK Wildcat fan. I just get so excited and nervous when they play. They play again Saturday so just have to hurry back from shopping.
Everyone have a great day!!

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