Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Accidents Happen

The latter part of the morning, nearly noon I received a call on my cell phone that Kobe had an accident at school. He didnt make to the restroom in time. Which this makes me very sad. He is a very smart boy, but he lacks the confidence to go to the potty when needed. I dont really know if he does this for attention or just because he can. Not using the potty really doesnt bother him at home. If he has an accident at home; he will tell me, we take care of it and that is the end of it. At school I suppose the environment is alot different. My sister~in~law, Kim, which is his sitter as well went to pick him up early, when the accident occured. He had been crying. This breaks my heart into pieces. My little baby had an accident at school and was crying. I dont know if he was embarrassed of the situation, children were teasing him, or possibly he thought he was in trouble when he got home. I dont know and that is what bothers me the most. I will talk with him when I get home.

On, a better note tomorrow is his Halloween party at school. I am so excited. His first big event at school. I will be really busy with treat bags, baking cookies, helping with the party, and taking pictures of course; so I wont be able to post. I will however post Friday morning; pictures of the BIG event. Saturday evening is trick~or~treat and boy are we ready. I hope everyone has a really fun time getting candy and of course I will have pictures of that too. Be ready for my little Superhero. (He's gonna be Spiderman :)

Love ya


  1. Aww little Kobe!! He was probabaly a little embarassed.. accients do happen tho!!
    Have fun at his party sis.. I bet he wil love it cant wait to see pics!! Love ya

  2. I know how you feel...times like these we feel so helpness...but he knows you love him...and that makes it better!


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