Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!!

We had such a great weekend. Busy but wonderful!! Friday night we did NOTHING but relax. After a long busy work week, and I do mean busy!! Saturday morning early Kobe and I got up. Roger was so sick, he had a migraine. He felt so awful. So me, mom and Kobe went shopping. I have Kobe completely finished!! I am so excited!! Now, to start on everyone else. I love Christmas, love it!! We shopped all day until 4:00 and then we went to the boys birthday party. We had so much fun. Of course right in the middle of the everything the boys had to take a potty break... So cute!!
Sunday, I went shopping of our tree and some groceries.... I got the tree. I swear it looked bigger at the store hehehe. Kobe loved it though. He did the decorating. I told him he did such a good job. He said, "Our tree is small Mommy, but it is all we need for Santa to come." Such a lil sweetie and he is so thankful. I am so glad.
Last night, my babies watched Iron Man 2 and I got the television in the LR to myself. :0)

Have a great day and God bless!!

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