Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wanted to let everyone know what I am thankful for.
I am thankful that I have a loving, just God that loves me no matter what. He is my heavenly father and he is with me always, no problem is too big for my God.
I am thankful for my wonderful family- my huband and son. They are what makes my world go around. Without them, I would not be what I am today. Love them so much.
I am thankful for my amazing family outside of my household. They are the most wonderful family. I love them so much. I dont think anyone is as blessed as I am in the family department.
I am last but least thankful for the material things that I have. My husband and I both have decent jobs that afford us luxuries that most do not have. And I am so thankful. We both have a decent car, beautiful home, and anything really that we want (reasonably speaking). Some are not able to have these things.
As you can tell we are abundtly blessed and we are grateful for everything we have.
Hope all have a Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!

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