Friday, November 26, 2010

"So Thankful"

We had the most amazing holiday!!! It was wonderful being with the family. I love spending time with everyone.
Wednesday, I had the day off of work. Can you believe it? I had a day off.... It was great. Kobe and I sat home most of the day and enjoyed being together. Later in the afternoon Kobe, me and my mom went to KMart to have his Christmas pictures made. Which they were awesome I might add. :) They were a lil behind so did a lil goofing off in the toy department. Just having a lil fun.
Thurday was a wonderful day. I woke up early and fixed sausage and biscuits for my family. We had Thanksgiving breakfast. It was a great idea. No rushing just visiting and as you can see we had a wonderful time. Later that evening we went to Roger's family. It was great also. Marlean is such a wonderful cook, you have no idea!!
Then, about 10:30 last night I got up and went to Wal-Mart. Yes, I did the Black Friday. I didnt do too bad. I got home about 2:00. And I got what I went for. So all in all it was a wonderful day.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, God Bless!!

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