Monday, January 16, 2012

Great Weekend!!

We always have the best weekends!! I think that Roger and I are so in love with our family that anytime our lil family is together, we make the best of it. We worked hard all week, so this weekend was a lil play hard for us.
Friday night after Roger and I got home from work, and Kobe from Nanny’s (no school due to inclement weather) we took ourselves out to eat…. Applebee’s. Best place in Mt. Sterling to get a good steak. So it was Applebee’s. The food was so good. I even had me a Bahama Mama; which I never do. But it was good…. And just one is all I needed to relax.. After leaving Applebee’s me and Kobe went home to rest and Roger went to play cards….
Saturday, Roger had to work of course. Kobe and I went to run errands (pay bills) yuck!! Then, we went shopping a lil. My nails needed major love, so we took care of them. But not before Kobe got his hair cut. He has to have his hair cut about every 3 weeks. He hates for it to be too long. Loves it short, which is fine with me!!! Then, we picked up Kobe a new pair of Pumas and ate lunch with Mammaw Wanda.
Sunday was a lazzzzy day for us. We didn’t get out of our pjs lol. Roger and I did meet some friends for dinner and a movie. Kobe stayed with Marlean. Although, we missed him terribly, it was nice to get out and spend time with just us…. And that’s it folks… Monday morning, back to work and Kobe back to Nanny’s (Martin Luther King Jr day). Tomorrow, he is will be heartbroken… school will resume.

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