Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Review!

We had a very good weekend as always! We always try to do a lil something with Kobe either on Saturday or Sunday. This weekend, both days were for my baby boy! And that is alright with me!
Friday night, my mother and I went to see my uncle Gene. He is in the nursing home in Wolfe County. He is such a sweet, sweet man! Saturday we went to Cater Caves. We did a guided tour through the caves. We were there about all day. We had so much fun! Then we rented some movies and relaxed. Sunday, Kobe and I got up and went to the Clark Co. Fair. My friend’s baby was in the contest. She is such a beautiful baby!! Lil Hannah! Then Kobe wanted to see the tractor show and get an ice cream :0)

Tonight is the Montgomery County Large Car Derby! Then tomorrow is the Small Car and Chris will be running!! We are so excited!! We just cant wait.

Look at my Lil Trey Trey. He is 6 months, so cute. This is my cousin Will and Jen’s baby…. So cute… Love him and Hayden so much!

Last but certainly not least, yesterday was my dad’s birthday!! Love my Daddy so much!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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