Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Review!

We had a long and deserving weekend! Roger of course had to work. He works 12 hour days 7 days a week usually. He likes the job but gets wore out easily. So Kobe and I had a weekend to ourselves except for Saturday night.
Friday night we just stayed at home and rested. We were so tired. Saturday Kobe and I were at home and Becky called asking if we wanted to go to some yard sales. Of course we met her. It was so hot but we had a great time. We love Becky and Haleigh!! Then we met Kim at WalMart and Kobe wanted to go with her. He actually did go and he stayed the night!! Shocked me. But Roger and I were invited to a cookout, we went, and had an awesome time! When we left I wanted to go get Kobe so bad, but I let him stay ;(
Sunday morning Roger got up and went to work and I went to get Kobe. Then he and I rode over to the holler for our annual family reunion. It was great. Seeing the wonderful family I have!!
Since Roger had to work, I took him a plate home and we turned around and went back to the holler for a bomb fire and s’mores. We love s’mores! Kobe was acting so silly but I love that lil guy so much!!
Monday was just a lazy day. I don’t think we even got out of our pajamas except when I went to the grocery. But Roger was off yesterday and we needed the time together!! Love my lil family so much! Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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