Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Review!

I have to say we had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night was just relax time for Kobe and Daddy, Mommy went to the grocery..
Saturday Roger had to work of course so Kobe and I went to eat with my Mam, (mammaw) then we went to get some things for Cody (my nephew’s baby shower). We were welcoming Lil Camron with loving arms. So we went to get supplies that we needed, plates, cups, forks, that sort of thing. Then, we stopped and picked up the cake my friend had made. Stephanie is such a wonderful friend, and an awesome baker!! “Cakes by Stephanie” if you are wondering… She’s awesome! After getting to the shower my mother got the news that her only brother had passed earlier that day. She was/is so upset. We leave out for Ohio Thursday morning for the funeral. Please keep our family in your prayers on our travels.

Then Sunday Kobe and I stayed home all day, minus the lunch date with had with Daddy, which was awesome. He will kill me for putting this picture of him on here but I thought it was so cute!! Love my boys so much!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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