Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation Update

This morning bright and early Roger, Kobe, myself, Chris, Marlean, Tanner, Chad, Amy, Chase, Kim, Blake, Bryan, Tyler, Savannah, and Ralph headed out to TN. It was a long road trip on the kiddos, but nevertheless worth it. We left about 6:00 and arrived about 10:30. Not bad timing with that many kids :)
We checked into the hotel, went to the arcade, swam, and now it is storming. Just our luck. So we are stuck in the hotel room for just a lil bit. Kobe and Tanner are wrestling on the bed as I type. In a normal situation I would not be blogging; I would be enjoying time with my family. But as we are stuck in the hotel; everyone is kind of doing their own thing. Roger is watching the Nascar race, so thought while I had the time I would make a post so I would remember what an awesome time we have already had... and its only been just a couple of hours..
I am sure I will have many more pictures and memories to blog when the trip is over. We are getting ready to head out to get something good to eat. So I will be back on at a later time.

Stay safe and God Bless!!

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