Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Weekend!

Well the week was mostly beautiful and sunny. There were a couple of days that Mr. Sunshine didn’t come out, but more often than not he was out and we loved it. Most of this weekend was sunny and hot. Yesterday afternoon the storms came back around. But not before we got the work outside finished that we wanted. We have been working on our porch for quiet some time now and with all the rain, we can not seem to get it complete. But yesterday we did put a big dent in it; thanks to Chris for helping. :0)
Friday night Roger and I took the boys, Kobe and Tanner, to the drive-in to see Pirates of the Carribean. We had such an awesome time. They are more like brothers than cousins. I am so glad Kobe has Tanner in his life.
Saturday we got up early and went to get breakfast and off to Kobe’s game. Kobe and Tanner both had a game. Kobe’s team won by 2 points. I have the cutest video on my iphone but it wouldn’t transfer over. Oh well. After the game Benjamin came over for the day. He and Kobe had so much fun. They played outside, inside, on the trampoline, then we went to McDonald’s for some good food; or so they said and rented a movie. Kobe was out like a light not long after we got home. Benjamin will definitely have to come and see us again.
Sunday, Roger Kobe and I got up and started the day early. Chris and Roger laid the block on the porches, while I cleaned up most of the messes. It was hard work! It was hot and humid and trying to keep up with Kobe and help out. Shew, I am glad that part is over! Hopefully, we will be done within a few weeks. The landscaping and redoing the outside of the house comes next. I am so excited that things are getting done. I like change every now and then. It wont be a big difference but enough to notice.
We have a busy week ahead as always. Baseball practice, games, and a huge yard sale this weekend. Selling all kinds of stuff. Because in less than 3 weeks we will be on vacation… cant wait.
Have a great week ya’ll and God bless!!

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