Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Water and New Moon

Well, all week Roger and I have been watching the Twilight sagas to be refreshed for the new movie, Eclipse, which comes out tonight. So, Sunday night we watched Twilight, then last night, New Moon. It was a busy day at work yesterday, so I was of course tired... we both were. I got off work, went the Red Box and rented New Moon. Got my baby boy, which he was being hyper and ready to go from the moment I picked him up. Never would have imagined the mess that was coming in my future..
I got home and fixed a little supper, breakfast, one of Roger's favorites. Kobe played outside while I did a little laundry. Seemed as though it would be a nice relaxing evening. Was I ever wrong. My plans were to get things organized a little, as much as you can with a 5 year old chaios in the house, (wouldnt have it any other way).
So, I brought Kobe in and suggested that he take a bath. While he takes a bath, I usually try to get done with the few small things that I can. In between this time I was hearing, Yeehaw, and here we go boys, off the new movie, Toy Story... So I rush in there and he is throwing water out of the bathroom cup onto the floor. I was shocked. Yelled at Roger to come help. We put Kobe to bed after he helped cleaned up the mess. Gosh, it was awful..
Then, after cleaning forever we finally sat down and watched New Moon. It was an eventful evening but one of many memories I can taunt him with. :)

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