Friday, February 12, 2010

Behind this week :)

I am so sorry. This week has been so busy, but yet we couldnt do much. We are complete with the renovating for now; which is great. So easy to clean, I just love it. Of course Sunday is Valentine's Day adn we do have fun. I am going to tonight to get some special treats for my boys. They have no idea. I love surprising them. I would rather see the look on their faces as any gifts I could recieve. I will be posting some pictures later on today. Kobe and I had a couple of snow days this week. We attempted to build a snowman, but the snow wouldnt stick. I will post some pictures of that in a lil bit. He is so darn cute, sometimes I just sit and hold him. I watch him and just listen at some of the things he says and know that he is becoming a man right before my very eyes. It saddens me so much. I want him to always be Mamma's Baby, but I do want him to feel like a lil man too. So its tough at times. O, on another note. Kobe's birthday invites came in and they are so cute. I do have them addressed and sending them out today. So come join the Monter Jam fun!

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