Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Review!

This weekend was amazing; despite the awful headache I had Sunday night. Friday night, Roger and I both had a headache (we’ve all been battling a cold for about a week) but we had promised Kobe we would go watch Chipwrecked; so we took him. I was a very cute movie. I had taken some cold medicine so I slept through some of it :-/
Saturday, Roger had to work of course, but Kobe and I were going to finish some shopping. We stopped and ate lunch with Daddy before heading out of town :0)
We went to a couple stores waiting on Amber; she wanted to go. Kobe wanted to get a pair boots, so we went to the Boot Ranch. It took him 30 mins to pick out which pair he wanted!! Like his momma ;) Kobe saw Great Clips and had to have his hair cut. He loves to get his hair fixed, and he did need one. Then, we went to pick up Amber and Kobe decided to stay with Mammaw while we went to Lexington; which is good because he LOATHES shopping!!! Cant stand it!!
Amber and I went to Gabe Bros, Old Navy, Target and then headed to get Kobe. We got home and relaxed watching Lifetime Christmas movies :-)
Sunday, it was headache central again! I will be so glad when this head cold is OVER!! MY FIL wanted a new phone so he and I rode to Radio Shack; he picked out an HTC Inspire and loved it. I came home and cooked some supper (fried chicken, mashed potatoes and mac-n-chesse). I had taken some cold medicine. After eating supper I went to lay down at about 5:00 yesterday afternoon and I slept till 4:00am this morning!! I feel so much better. It was a much needed rest I suppose. Here are some pics of the weekend! There is a couple of pictures of Katlynn my niece and Mallory, our lil cousin. Please keep her in your prayers. She is battling a serious brain disease at the Cincinnati Hospital for Children. We love her!!
Have a great day everyone!

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