Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!!

This day 10 years ago at 2:30 in the afternoon, I became Mrs. Roger White. I loved him then as I do now. More so now. Together we have gained so much; that apart we would not have been able to achieve. First and foremost, he made me a Mommy. He gave me the opportunity to give life to another human being, (of course with God) but without Roger, I would not have my sweet baby boy. Through hard work and understanding we have been through everything. Most of what most normal relationships endure but we made it through. We did not give up. We fought and beat everything that has came our way. I am so proud of the people we have become. When we were 17 (just had got together) I always wondered what kind of people we would grow up to be. Would we be great parents? Would we be responsible? Would we have a nice house/car? Would we be good workers? And we are!!! We are all of the above! So thank you Roger for all that you have given me in this whirlwind called a marriage. Yes, we are busy, never a free moment together *very seldom*. And at times its a lil crazy... We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!!!!! I love you!

Tomorrow night my SIL and BIL Marlean and Chris have planned us a lil cookout/campout with about 25-30 of our friends. We are so excited we can hardly wait. What a way to celebrate 10 years of marriage then with the family that has been right there with you the whole time. I love you guys!!!

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