Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh The Month of March....

This month has been total madness and I dont mean March Madness. Kobe's birthday is March 1st, my favorite day of the year of course :0) However, this year I am in school and working heavily. I have worked at Clark Regional Medical Center for 11 years *including this year. We have just had a new facility built so we are in the process of moving into the new facility. It has been a chore to say the least. With Roger working 7 days a week, that makes us more tired. But we are doing; surviving. However, I havent figured that out yet. I have lots of pictures to post but it is late tonight so I will post them later.
Roger and I went shopping today. Just us, which doesnt happen that often. Not at all really but Amber watched Kobe and it was nice. I got alot of Spring decor that I am excited about. I am so ready for summer. Last summer was a blast and this one will only top that one. I assume Kobe will start baseball this next few weeks and that is always fun. Alot to look forward to and I cant wait!!!
Until I post agin have a great next few days and God Bless as always!!!!

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